Friday, 4 January 2008

Over indulgence...

I have seriously over-indulged this holiday. I have eaten way too much chocolate and other goodies which I shouldn't have and I'm feeling bloated and larger than I want to. So now its time for the traditional January health kick!

I need to make sure that I stop snacking on rubbish and make sure the house is full of healthy food. Now I really love healthy foods but invariably you have to put a bit more thought into putting them together - a salad has to be prepared, rather than putting a pizza in the oven! Which at the moment is quite easy because I'm still off work and I don't mind pottering around the kitchen and popping to Sainsbury's for missing ingredients. But come Monday we shall see how committed I am - I'm never one for making lunch the night before when I could be scrapping or reading or doing just about anything else.

But I'm on the right road, because tomorrow I'm going to an exercise class with my friend from work. The thing that worries me is that my friend informs me it is called 'Buns of Steel'. This does not sound like a friendly way of easing me back into regular exercise. This sounds mean. So tomorrow I may well be writing a blog post complaining of aching all over!

Anyway, back to scrapping, and I have another two pages of my christmas journal to share with you. December 17th was a difficult one, since I hadn't really bought any 'perfect' presents (don't get me wrong, they were nice and all, but nothing really stood out). So I went with one of my all-time favourite presents instead, our little kitten Alfie who I've mentioned on this blog before.

December 18th was far easier - talking about food is never much of a problem for me! And no, thats not a picture of my christmas dinner - there was far more food than that on our table!


  1. Love how all of the titles match on your pages!

  2. Love the layouts, they are just too cute!
    Good luck with the healthy eating girl. It is hard but can be done and is so rewarding!

  3. Another two great pages. I am with you on the chocolate and over indulgence! I am eating for two at the moment though, so my diet won't start until at least May!

    Can't wait to see your next few pages.