Monday, 7 January 2008

Davina bites back!

Well the first day back wasn't too dreadful - the kids were pretty good and my lessons went quickly - I'll soon be back into the swing of things and its such a short term anyway that I know it'll fly by.

However, I have a confession. Davina McCall has killed me! Her thirty minute workout clearly stretched my muscles more than I realised and now getting up and down the stairs is agony, even on Nurofen! The trouble is, I'm supposed to be going to Pilates tomorrow evening with two friends from work - I've never done Pilates before but I know its all about stretching, and with my muscles currently trembling at even the prospect of lifting me off a chair, this could be severely embarrassing. To any of my blog readers who have experienced similar and have any tips for getting my leg muscles back into gear, please share your secrets and leave me a comment!

Onto more enjoyable things, and here is my latest Christmas journal page. I'm determined to get up to at least Christmas day and here is the one for the 21st, so only four more to do to have achieved that goal (depending on how quickly that happens, I might try to get further). The picture is of my living room on December 21st - spot the rogue clothes horse spoiling the festivities! But it was the day after I broke up from school and I was trying to get everything ready for driving down to mum and dad's, so I will excuse myself. Its a good thing I decided not to take a picture of my craft room (or, more accurately, floor), because that was a total tip and still is!.
Wishing you all a happy Monday evening, I'm off to mark Romans projects and wallow in my pain!


  1. Well done Chloe on catching up on your journal, all of your pages look great. I've still got a few left to do, but like you I am almost there!

  2. I love that journal page Chloe, so pretty!
    The only things I can suggest about the soreness is to grab a warm bath with some radox muscle soak in it or just ride that pain like a bad ass! I know how much it hurts but dont you feel as though it is a strangely good pain! You know, you have worked out and feel good! Or am I just strange!!!!

  3. Deep Heat works for me. Stinks bad but worth it!

  4. Had to teach again too this week. Did you finish your Christmas Journal? I still need to create 3 pages. Now that Christmas is gone, I don't feel like creating any christmas pages and I still need to order pics.
    Love, Isolde