Tuesday, 22 January 2008

A little out of sorts...

I've been feeling a bit strange over the last week - it might be the January blues to blame but I'm super-emotional. I was even telling off a really annoying kid earlier and then felt like crying for him while I was doing it! (I'm sure he didn't by the way, I wasn't that evil!). And then in the next minute, I feel full of rage and have to grit my teeth to avoid going off on one about something trivial. So as you can imagine, I'm an absolute joy to live with at the moment, and I really feel for poor Ed who is having to put up with me! I'm going to make a conscious effort to try and be more calm and collected from now on...

I have been doing a little scrapping, but of course there is no point photographing anything till the weekend when there will be enough light to take a decent shot. I've been working with my Back Porch Memories November kit (which I used for Bella Italia) and I've put together a lovely layout about my mum and dad.

Tonight, I've got to work on a CJ entry for the crop I go to - got some ideas already so just a case of putting it together. However, that is not as easy as its always been - the big bathroom refit starts tomorrow, and as a consequence my scrapping space (the spare bedroom floor!) is being used for random tool and box storage. In the mood I'm in, that means that I currently feel like hitting said boxes, but my logical side knows this will achieve very little and I shouldn't be behaving like a spoilt brat when Ed and my Dad are doing me a lovely bathroom next door. So I'll just have to put up with a few weeks of scrapping on the table downstairs and carrying everything around the house with me.

On a more positive note, a lovely kit arrived today from Rebecca's Scrapbooking Stash which she is planning on selling - the papers are by CherryArte and she has put together a lovely set of embellishments, including (gasp) a whole jar full of buttons! I'm a complete button freak so this is like a kit from heaven for me :) Quick turnaround on this one, so expect to see my creations in a week or two...

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  1. Oh bless you girl! I have weeks like that and I am such a cow with it! Just tell Ed when you feel calm that you are having a bad week, will be a cow at times and may hate him, apologise for it, tell him you love him and all will be fine! It works with Steve anyway!!
    The new bathroom sounds good, you lucky lady. We still have not got around to putting the blinds up yet, and we have been here 6 mths now!!!