Sunday, 6 January 2008

Last day of freedom

I am feeling a little depressed this evening - its back to work tomorrow and my two weeks of enjoying myself and doing very little will come to an end. Its a very short term - only five weeks - but its still not fun thinking about getting up early again and all the marking I've got to do!

So how is my health kick going? Well, I'm not exactly on a diet (I ate cheese earlier which can definitely not be classified as healthy food!). However, I did decide to make use of my Davina workout DVD earlier and, sadly enough, I found it really hard going. When I used to go to aerobics classes at uni I know they were harder and lasted longer, so this is not a good sign! But you have to start somewhere, and hopefully my fitness will build up slowly. I don't want to be so unfit that I'm getting heart attacks at 45!

Before I go back tomorrow, I have two more pages of my journal to share with you, and one more is on my craft mat at the moment waiting to be finished.

December 19th was our chance to write a letter to Father Christmas (I'm afraid I'll never really know him as Santa, I'm not that Americanised yet!). We never really did this as children, so it felt a little strange. What we did do though was write Christmas lists, so I decided to include me and Eddie's christmas lists in little pockets on the page. I think it will be really interesting to look back at these in a couple of years and compare what we wanted now to what we want then!

December 20th had to be about an unexpected delivery, and funnily enough, when I got in from work that day there was an envelope on the mat with a Jersey postmark on it. I was puzzled - I started worrying that I had a long lost relative living in Jersey who I had forgotton about and definitely hadn't remembered to send a card to! However, it turned out to be from my friend Corey, who, loving any kind of novelty gadget or gizmo, had decided to send us a personalised Christmas card via (yes, that card website with the very annoying adverts). Since I made this page after Christmas, I didn't feel too guilty cutting the greeting off the front of the card and including it on my page. The cartoon is unfortunately more than a little appropriate!

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  1. I'm feeling the 'not wanting to go back to work' thing with you!

    Time off only makes me realise how busy and stressful termtime is.

    Hope the first day back goes well :) xx