Monday, 7 April 2008

Tell Me Why...

...I don't like Mondays! No particular reason either, just that horrible feeling that its the start of the week and there is always so much to do before the next lie-in. Now I know you people with small children will at this point be saying, lie-ins, what are those? But I'm afraid I'm still a childless and therefore selfish person who enjoys her weekends for being the time to catch up on sleep and just about everything else that has taken a back seat during the week. Today I've felt especially stressed, and therefore have happily taken it out on Ed bless him - who'd have me?

In scrap-related news, I will hopefully be able to share some pics of a birthday mini-book I've made soon - just as soon as the birthday in question is out of the way. And some of you may have noticed that my supply list for my UKScrappers Cybercrop class has gone up over on the forum. I got asked by ScrappyBunny last month to design a class and agreed without really thinking about it much. Now its got much nearer to the crop date. Cue lots of worrying about whether my class will be acceptable to the people that take part (I haven't really done a cybercrop before) - I have never actually designed a scrapbooking class before and its incredibly difficult! You would think that being a teacher I would have a good understanding of how to differentiate for different levels/abilities etc but I think thats something you learn through experience and in the world of scrapbooking I have no experience of pitching a class at a very wide range of people with very different levels of scrapbooking skill. Still, I like the layout so I guess thats the main thing!

I'm hoping to get a bit more DT work out of the way this week, some interesting papers to work with this time. Not perhaps what I would normally pick, but I'm going to try to do my best with them and see what I can come up with...

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