Sunday, 27 April 2008

Birthday Boy!

It was my boyf's birthday today and we have had all his family around this afternoon for tea and cake to celebrate - it meant a mad afternoon of house cleaning for me but it hasn't been this tidy for ages so I'm actually feeling quite pleased with myself!

Ed got a new lawnmower and a little gas barbecue from his parents and sisters so hopefully this means that this Summer we will be able to really enjoy the garden properly. We went out this morning and spent a fortune in the garden centre and Ed spent several hours putting all our plants in - it was all looking great until about half an hour later it started hailing madly! We couldn't believe it as it had been warm sunshine up till that point! Still, at least they all got watered in nicely :D

Last night we went out for some drinks with friends and had a really good evening - I had bought a new top to wear out and was really pleased with it. Here are some piccies from the night:
Ed with his friend Andy - as always Ed has to pull a funny face for the camera!

My friends Emma and Gurpreet from work

Me and my friends Suzanne and Mags

Over on UKS the cybercrop has just come to an end and I have been spending some time leaving comments on everyone who took part in my class (my hands are now going numb from all the typing!). I was so pleased with all the gorgeous layouts that were produced and I found it really hard to pick a winner in the end, so just had to go with the one that stood out to me the most and had made good use of the class technique. Its been such a great thing to do and so many lovely people have PMed me with thankyou comments - I'm glad everyone enjoyed it so much. I had been worried that I might not have 'pitched' the class very well as so many different people with different levels of ability take part in the crop, but I guess there was enough there for everyone to enjoy it. A big thankyou to everyone who took part - you have made my weekend!

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