Thursday, 24 April 2008

Sharing some sneak peeks...

Thought I would share some little peeks at some of my latest layouts which should be up on respective shop websites soon.

As you can probably tell, I've been experimenting with my sewing and painting techniques, after being inspired by some of the idea in Ashley Calder's Scraptastic book. While I don't always love the pages that Ashley makes (they can look a bit 'muddy' and over worked to me if you know what I mean), her techniques are totally inspirational and have really sent my creative mojo into overdrive - there are so many things I want to try. Now I just need to save up for some of the different mediums she uses.

Unfortunately, I have had to finally admit defeat and give up on using my mum's old 70s Singer sewing machine. The pedal kept smelling of burning and had started operating the machine on its own which can't be good! Ed has forbidden me from using it for fear of me getting electrocuted. So now I am without a machine and quite upset. Anyone know where I can get cheap sewing machines???


  1. That butterfly is very cute!

    Looking forward to seeing the whole layout.

  2. RE: sewing machines, I got mine in Lidl for £39.99 and its awesome, a full sized machine too, all the normal stitches etc!

    Keep an eye on their website as they don't always have them in stock, but have them as special items every now and again.

    Or failing that....tescos!!!

  3. Hi Cloe I got mine from Tesco's Online it was under £30 which is great because I dont use it as much as I should :)

  4. me again!!!

    Thank you for your kind congrats messages...also I have linked your blog from mine...hope this is ok with you? Let me know if not!

    L x