Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Away in Oxfordshire

Oh wow, what a long time without blogging (for me, anyway, I know its only been just over a week but I used to update every other day!). I've just been so busy its been difficult to find time to scrap, let alone blog! I have been catching up though, and I've just completed a big double page layout for Rebecca's Scrapbooking Stash which was inspired by the first layout prompt on Shimelle's There's No Place Like Home class. I'm really pleased with it, so I'll be sending it on to Rebecca tomorrow and then hopefully share it here soon after.

Last weekend we were away for Ed's brother in law's birthday - Ed's sister had hired a big converted barn for all the family down near Woodstock which isn't far from Oxford. Me and Ed decided to venture out a couple of times, though the weather was horribly cold! We found the remains of a Roman villa down a track which was totally deserted apart from us. We also went for cream teas in Burford, which is a lovely little town made up of quaint cottages, pubs and the sort of shops that wouldn't survive five minutes in a normal high street.

We both thought that the countryside was really pretty and the villages were so sweet, but we definitely agreed we couldn't live there - we are both city dwellers used to having services on tap twenty four seven, and some of these villages are so remote with just a shop and a church in some cases. Still, its nice to see how other people live and its great to visit.

Here are some snapshots of our outings:
The remains of a mosaic floor at the Roman villa - Ed cleverly took this shot through the window because the building was closed.
Me at the ruins looking decidedly cold - will I ever learn and pack appropriately for weekends in the countryside by remembering a scarf and woolly jumpers? Probably not!

A beautiful English country garden outside a house in Burford - I love this sort of informal, cottagey style of planting best.

Ed in a little side street of Burford's main high street. It reminds me of Stratford Upon Avon a bit, although the buildings in Stratford are a fair bit older.

Anyways, I'm off for this evening, I will endeavour to post soon with an update and stop being such a bad blogger!

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