Monday, 14 April 2008

The Custard Incident...

Ok, so the last week has probably been one of the busiest I can remember at work - PSHE Project Day was a success but almost caused me to have a mini breakdown as virtually every piece of equipment went wrong as I tried to get Year 10 to make 'TV News Broadcasts' about the Iraq war. But it all turned out ok in the end and I'm feeling a lot calmer now.

However, poor Elmo has been in the wars! As (naughty) cat owners may know, when you leave anything in the sink with remnants of food on it, cats have a tendency to go and investigate. So normal procedure is to rinse any pans/plates before going to eat. Unfortunately, at the weekend this procedure may have been forgotton with a pan of hot custard...

All day yesterday we couldn't understand what was wrong with Elmo - she wouldn't eat, kept wincing in pain and was dribbling all over the place. We were so worried that I had to go into work late this morning so I could take her to the vets. And when the vet had a look in her mouth, she found that Elmo's tongue was all raw and ulcerated. We couldn't work out why and the vet said she wanted to sedate her and check she didn't have anything stuck in her throat as well as checking her for cat leukaemia and various other illnesses. So I left Elmo at the vets looking very sorry for herself, and went back to work feeling worried.

Later I called Ed to tell him what had happened, and it dawned on me that when my friend was staying at the weekend we had made a pudding and when I went back to the kitchen I realised that we had forgotton to rinse all the pans. And Elmo is obsessed with cream and ice-cream - you can imagine where this is heading. So Ed suggested to the vet that Elmo might have eaten boiling hot custard and they agreed that this might have been what caused the ulcers! So £150 for tests, checkups and sedations for what is basically a very naught cat getting her 'just desserts' (excuse the terrible pun). Still, you can't be mad at Elmo, she is such a cutie and has been getting so much fuss and attention all evening because of it.
And the moral to this story is, custard can hide hidden costs!

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  1. I know it is not funny, but i cannot help giggling. My cats are just the same, always trying to sneak bit of food. My two are crazy for milk and when i have cereal at home I get attacked for the bowl.
    Bless Elmo though, I hope she is feeling better, naughty girl! I bet she will think twice about stealing now!