Monday, 28 April 2008

Another sneak peek...

I've been doing a bit more creating for Rebecca's Scrapbooking Stash and thought I'd share a couple of sneak peeks since I'm not sure when the layouts will be up over at Rebecca's site. This layout is about a day out we had in Burford recently and I went to town with paint and eyelets, all inspired by Ashley Calder's book...

I'm quite proud of these little handmade flower embellishments and as you can probably tell, I'm a tad obsessed with my new Cuttlebug alpha - its very versatile!


  1. Wow - am I the first to comment.

    I love the alpha too - it looks great with the lines around it. Which alpha is it?

  2. OOOh I have missed so much!
    Congrats on the CC class, love that layout so much. It is so pretty
    The sneaks looks fab as always and do you have Ashley Calders book, I am guessing so. Is it any good as I have been meaning to buy it for yonks?