Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Last Day of Freedom!

Yep, its the last day of freedom before a very long half term, and its the first day when I haven't been curled up on the sofa feeling rotten for half of it. Typical, time to go back and my immune system starts to kick in. Beats being ill at work though.

My birthday was really nice, despite being poorly. I woke up to this:

Ed had got up extra early and set it all up before going to work, bless him! He says that he popped one of the balloons, it failed to wake me up but the cats jumped up off the sofa like they'd been shot and ran outside apparently. Its their first experience of balloons, I wish I'd seen it.

Ed took a half day off work and came home to take me out for a late lunch too - I couldn't eat that much due to my cold and the fact that my diet seems to have made my stomach shrink, but I did really enjoy the salad cart at the Harvester! Then in the evening, Ed's folks came round for a bit of birthday cake - I had two, a Homer Simpson one (I love the Simpsons!) and a Thorntons toffee one which was really rich. I tried a little bit of both.

I got some great gifts, lots of IKEA vouchers for spending on my scrap space in the spare room, some cool New Look T-shirts from my sis (including my personal fave, an Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street shirt which I'm currently wearing), some new shoes and jewellery from my mum and Ed got me some lovely perfume, Davidoff Echo Woman which smells great (fab choice babe!). Mum also took me out at the weekend to get some bathroom accessories so that room is looking far more finished now. From my lovely teamies over on UKS, I got a box of stash which will all be very useful, including the Scenic Route Lynden line which I'm looking forward to playing with. I also had a very fancy set of bathroom scales which not only weigh you, oh no! They tell you your fat percentage, muscle mass, water percentage and BMI. My boyfriend just can't resist a gadget :) I was pleased to discover this morning though that I'm down to 10 stone 3 pounds - if you want to lose weight, just get the lurgy for a week is what I say!

This morning I finished off a layout for the Papermaze blog which should be up any time soon, so as soon as it is I'll share it on here. Its a bit of a departure for me, because its my first ever layout without a title! Or at least a big bold one. I'm still getting used to it :)

Off to mark A level exams for the evening now, I'll be back to share the trials and tribulations of a new term tomorrow...

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