Wednesday, 30 April 2008

I've been naughty...

...and treated myself to one of these little guys! Its not the Expression, neither is it new (I found it second hand on UKScrappers marketplace). However, I'm really excited about getting it. It was posted to me this morning so should be arriving any time in the next day or so. I plan on downloading Sure Cuts a Lot software and seeing what I can do with that - I'd rather not spend a fortune on lots of cartridges if I can avoid it!

So how am I justifying this expenditure? Well, I've got payment for a couple of magazine assignments due, and I also plan on selling a few items to make up the rest of the money. I've got a brand new Sizzix Big Shot, as well as some kits which I'll never get round to using, so I will see what I can get for those.

I've just finished a page for SI magazine - it was a very quick assignment - I was told about it on Monday and had to have it in the post by Friday this week. However, I managed to finish it yesterday evening and I'm really pleased with it! No sneak peeks though, I don't think they are allowed :(


  1. ohhh exciting purchase! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

    p.s. I didn't go to St Phil's - it's worse than that! I went to Old Palace!

  2. Waw!!! I'm so jealous, haha. Enjoy it.
    Love, Isolde