Saturday, 21 April 2007

Stressed out Saturday...

It was a bit of a manic morning this morning. We got woken up by the cats at 7.30am but I don't normally mind this if I know I can go back to sleep for an hour. Unfortunately, we had to get up and take Ed's car into the garage on the other side of the city - obviously he would need me to drive him back which meant I had to navigate the dreaded ring road!

The Coventry road system is not great at the best of times. I've lost count of the amount of times I've come to a big junction or one way system to find that the traffic lights are down and the roads are in utter chaos. Not to mention the road works on the A45 which seem to have been going on for a century at least. But I find the ring road mystifying. A road which insists that the cars wishing to get on the road should attempt to do this at exactly the same point as the cars wishing to get off the road feels like an accident waiting to happen for me. But unfortunately today it was unavoidable, so after four trips in one morning I was feeling pretty edgey to say the least.

Fortunately for me, when I got home I managed to de-stress for a few hours and finish this layout which I had begun about a week ago but struggled to complete. Its for my growing up album, this page commemorating the real mess I used to get into at dinner times. I love the sequence of photos showing the stages of devastation - the last one is a classic. Miss Mucky Pup 1983 was an obvious title! I experimented with a bit of paint to roughen up the look on this layout - not sure about it now but I do like the stitching.

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