Saturday, 14 April 2007

My first blog

It may not seem much, but this is pretty impressive for me. At 25 years old and after ages of umming and ahhing, my little brother finally persuaded me to set up my own blog. For a long time I can't say I ever felt the need for a blog. But after my scrapbooking hobby got WAY out of control and layouts etc are on my mind 24/7 I really felt the need to share some of that -spreading the love and all that! I plan to use my blog to record my daily ravings (and believe me, they really are ravings after an afternoon with Year Seven!), to share my scrapbooking ideas and layouts and perhaps a few of my other crafting attempts too. I may even share the history teacher's ancient art of staining pieces of history homework with teabags to get the authentic, crumpled and often slightly singed effect needed to win a coveted place on the classroom washing lines. Yes, I do have washing lines in my classroom. The walls just fill up far too quickly for my liking.

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