Saturday, 28 April 2007

Birthday Time

Its been a really busy few days round here. I went to a scrapbook class on Wednesday and then to a new crop which has just been set up on Thursday night. I was really lucky that it happened to be really near where I live so not too far to travel. It was great to meet some more people in the area who are mad about scrapbooking too as it often feels like Coventry is the forgotton city when it comes to scrapping - there are hardly any shops or crops here!

Yesterday it was my boyfriend's birthday and I wanted to make him a card (especially since I didn't get him a Valentines card, how bad a girlfriend am I?!). I've got to the point where I would rather not give a card at all if I haven't had a chance to make one - wierd I know. So on Thursday night I sat down for an hour or two after he had gone to bed and put together this scrapbook card commemorating his life at 27. Its quite a pared down design - just stamping from Autumn Leaves and Banana Frog and a few buttons. I would have sewed these on but by midnight on Thursday I could no longer see straight!

Yesterday we had family round to eat birthday cake which was fun too - though our lounge was rammed with everyone in it and the cats were a bit put out - they can manage a couple of extra people without getting stroppy but ten is just pushing it! I'm supposed to be taking part in the UKScrappers Cyber Crop this weekend but to be honest this may prove to be impossible as the weekend now looks pretty packed - typical! Still, it should be fun and hopefully I'll get some nice photos to scrap too.

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