Sunday, 15 April 2007

My Maze Book

Well, its the last day of the holidays. The last day of lying in, having time for myself and most importantly having time to scrap. I thought I would share the other project I completed this holiday, the maze book (or should I say books - I made two because I knew I wouldn't be able to part with it otherwise!) I completed for the Mad Hatters cybercrop on UKScrappers.

One of the pre-crop tasks you could take part in was the a-maze-ing swap, making a mini book to send to someone else in the swap and receiving one back in return. I've never taken part in a cybercrop before so quite looking forward to it, though its Ed's birthday that Friday so I may be able to take part in less than I'd like.

My maze books are on the theme of Alice in Wonderland and constructed from just one piece of 12 by 12 card - its a really clever design though I have to say I discovered that folding really isn't my forte! I used quotes printed on acetate and some original illustrations from the story and hid some tags in the little pockets created by the folds.

This isn't my usual style of scrapping - for one thing, I usually work in a much bigger format, almost always 12 by 12. I rarely print my journalling, preferring a handwritten look on most of my work. And there are no flowers or buttons to be seen, which are some of my favourite embellishments and found on most of my layouts (although there is plenty of ribbon, my other fave!).

So it was nice that the project gave me the opportunity to do something a bit different and also to finish something - these got done in the same time it normally takes me to complete a layout. I think I will definitely have a go at a few more mini books - I like the look of the Shimelle Laine Fiskars class and I still plan to make her 'I have something to confess' book too, though I know that class was ages ago now!

So there we are. And now I've got to go shopping for cat food and mark those pesky Year 12 exams that I've been carefully ignoring for so long!

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