Thursday, 5 July 2007

A Grandparents Love

I finally broke my scrapper's block! I managed to piece together a layout last night which I finally finished this evening. I have never been so happy to complete a layout - its not my best work but it represents me working through the problems and coming up with a design that I am pleased with.
The layout is called (There is nothing greater than) A Grandparents Love and showcases a beautiful shot of my Nan and Grandad with my sister Katie. The photo would have been taken around 1984 and on the same day as the photo used on my layout Daddy. I just loved the way my Dad had caught such an intimate family portrait and wanted to do it justice, despite the slightly poor quality of the deteriorating photo.

I decided to make use of last month's Little Silver Hat Ribbon Kit Gyspy Rose, as I had just received the new one Heatwave and don't want to end up collecting ribbons which I then don't use. They happen to go really well with the papers, both Basic Grey, one Blush and the others Motifica. Other than this there was a fair bit of handcutting for the title and some stamping for the little birds (which I used because one of my Nan's favourite pastimes was sitting in the garden with the birds and this is how I like to remember her). I finished off with a few pearl brads for interest.

I decided to let the ribbons overhang the sides of the card but this isn't too clear as for the first time I decided to scan my layout. This does produce a more detailed image but overall I think I prefer photographing them as the colours come out better - the colours in the scan aren't exactly the same as on my layout for some reason.

There are only two weeks to go till the end of term tomorrow (11 teaching days!) and I can't wait. Six weeks for my own projects (and a relaxing holiday in Tuscany). Let the countdown begin...

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