Sunday, 8 July 2007

A Flower Show

Another busy weekend for me which has unfortunately involved me being away from my stash the whole time so no new layouts (will make up for that this week I hope!).

What I have been doing:

  • Going to the Year 11 prom - the kids all looked great in their posh clothes and it was a real nice send off for them. End of school dances are getting more popular now -this is only the third at our school but they have been really successful so far.

  • Dancing the night away to a band called Airbag in Escape bar in Coventry on Friday night - its always good to hear a bit of live music and they did some excellent covers.

  • Driving down to my mum and dad's and getting stuck in a load of traffic on the way.

  • Seeing my Grandad for the first time in ages (he is 91 and the best Grandad ever - see him in the picture of my last layout)

  • Visiting the Hampton Court Flower Show with Ed and my mum. The displays were fab and so many gorgeous plants. We went to see the garden that Ed had been involved in building. I nearly had a fit when we got there and I realised I had forgotton my camera - so many missed photo opportunities!

But here is a little piccie from the website of what the garden looked like. It was built for a coffee company with steam coming out of the middle and fake coffee beans etc and the swirl is meant to be the top of the coffee. It is based on the Fibonacci sequence and was apparently a nightmare to build - working out the measurements can't have been fun!

So driving back to Coventry this evening, only two more weeks of work then off to Tuscany for a week...

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