Monday, 30 July 2007

Beautiful Tuscany

So, I've just got back from my holiday to what must be one of the most beautiful regions in the world. My second visit to Tuscany only confirmed to me how much I love Italy, its countryside, history and culture. They were experiencing a heatwave while we were there (rather ironic as Britain suffers the heaviest rainfall since 1766 or something like that!) but the countryside still looked green and lush, unlike some other areas of the Med which always seem a bit desert like and scrubby to me.

Of course, I have hundreds of photos to add to my enormous pile of snaps from our holiday to Italy last year and have decided that the only thing to do is to start an Italy album - I have far too many to add to my generic holiday album! I also saw an idea in Scrapbook Inspirations for creating holiday minibooks which may have to be the way to go for some of my shots as I can't possibly include all of them in a 12 by 12 album.

We stayed in Montecatini Terme, a gorgeous spa town with beautiful parks and architecture. Whilst there we visited Montecatini Alto, an amazing hilltop town with stunning views, reached by the oldest funicular railway in the world. We managed to get back into Florence too and travelled up into the hills of Fiesole which allowed us to take in the ariel view of Florence with its imposing Duomo (as well as enjoy an iced coffee at a cafe in the square). We went on an excursion into Liguria to see the amazing Cinqueterre by boat. These are pretty pastel-coloured, cliffside towns which look so precarious its hard to believe they don't fall into the sea at the slightest gust of wind! And finally we visited Pisa and its famous leaning tower, a very surreal experience.

Since getting back, I have managed to sort out some little address tags for a swap with my teammates, as well as completing another layout. I will photograph and upload both of these in the next few days - unfortunately now its back to normality and a date with Sainsbury's!

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