Tuesday, 3 July 2007


Been a bad blogger for the last few days I know, but its been pretty chaotic round here. We are decorating the living room (the first room in our house to be tackled since we bought it last August) and the place looks like a landfill! There are flakes of paint and bits of wallpapers and pots and trays and brushes and rollers everywhere. Fortunately I am not someone who is fazed by mess (one look at my scrapping bedroom would tell you that) but it does mean that in order to help the process along I have been mucking in with the roller and hence not spending too much time scrapping or even reading the forums on UKScrappers.

The trouble is that when I sat down to scrap earlier, I realised that I seem to be completely without inspiration. Now I like everyone have had times when a layout has been difficult to come together and takes longer than usual to fall into place. But at least I've always had a vision for how I want it to turn out. But right now I don't even have that! Still, I have scrapbook class tomorrow night and hopefully I will be able to formulate some page ideas there.

Meanwhile, for those who suffer the same lack of inspiration as me, here are some blogs I like to take a look at to push me back into action. Firstly, PageMaps is fab. It is full to the brim with sketches for layouts, cards and various other bits and bobs which even a complete beginner could use to put a layout together. So far I haven't exactly followed a sketch but I may well try it to kickstart my scrapping mojo again!

Secondly, for those bored of conventional layouts and looking for a slightly different project, Craft TV Weekly has a great archive of instructions for mini-books, journals and altered art. They also give ideas for ways to jazz up normal 12 by 12s. The best thing about this site is that you can watch the video as well as download the instructions which is always helpful, particularly if like me you struggle with measuring and accuracy!

And finally, for those who want to break away from the old one big photo style of scrapbooking as I have been doing recently, I discovered this blog, Multi Photo Scrapbook Layout Gallery, which showcases some of the best in, yeah you've guessed it, multi photo scrapbook layouts!

Anyway, lets hope my scrapping mojo returns soon, and if you have any tips for me to break the block then please leave me a comment, any advice is much appreciated!

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