Sunday, 8 February 2009

My name is Chloe...

...and I am a total slob! I thought I would share with you the bombsite that is my desk as I prepare to go to bed this evening. Yes, I have had a desk for all of a week and already I have managed to cover it in paper and letter stickers. Not to mention the floor underneath. But what some may call a mess, I call creativity in action! At least, thats my excuse ;)

You can just see the layout I have been working on at the front of the mess. I'm just waiting for Ed to fetch my Dymo labeller down from the loft tomorrow morning, then it will be complete and ready to share on here. But for now, I'm off to sleep!


  1. Ha ha I love it, thats how my dining table looks most of the time.

  2. Don't you worry, my desk looks just like yours.

  3. Just love your craft table, I now know I am not the only one who creates an artistic mess!!!