Monday, 23 February 2009


Here is a page that went up on the Papermaze blog a few days ago - I made it with the leftover Kelly Panacci papers from my Valentines day mini book (which went down very well, by the way!). I don't do so many pages of my work mates, but I got this photo of me and my friend Emma at our friend David's 30th a few weeks ago and I just really liked it. Sometimes, there isn't that much you want to add in journalling - I don't like being overly sentimental or gushy - but Emma is often there with some sage advice or a few words of wisdom whether I'm deciding which diet plan to follow or moaning about the fella! So I recorded that aspect of the friendship.

I went mad with the white pen doodling and even a bit of stitching too. I just love the Kelly Panacci love words paper - I've been cutting out bits of it for all kinds of layouts - very versatile :)

In other news, unfortunately my iPhone gave up the ghost during the half term holidays, which means its had to be sent back to Apple to be fixed - grrr! Which also means I'm now the proud temporary owner of an o2 courtesy phone, which can only be described as a brick. It doesn't have a colour screen, a camera, basically anything except a phonebook or the ability to send a text message. But there is something a little bit refreshing about the total lack of gadgets. There is just so little that can go wrong! Even so, I have yet to work out how to put it on silent, which led to some embarrassed apologies to my class when the electricity board rang up during period 4 today...


  1. if you had a apple shop near you they will do a straight swap- prob not what you wanna hear. hope its ok! love that lo btw lovely xx

  2. Gutted about the phone, can't say I'm into all these fancy phones. I'm still on pay as you go (I seriously don't use it enough to justify contract) and won't spend the money on buying a new one... But I can drop it was many times as I like and it doesn't break.

    Ok so it's not that old... it does have a colour screen and a camera...

    Love that LO, and in a rather random fact I used that Unique sticker on a LO I did last night that I'm going to upload in a minute.