Thursday, 12 February 2009

I hate rude kids!

For a teacher, you might think this was just an everyday reality. But believe it or not, most teenagers are not that rude, impolite or disrespectful, and certainly know where to draw the line once you have warned them. Not a kid I encountered today in a cover lesson though - mad just doesn't describe it! So I ended up coming home in a foul mood, having raged at his year head demanding an apology and DT from said kid. Fortunately, tomorrow is the last day of the half term and I'm on a school trip to a medical museum in Leeds with Year 11. I really enjoy this trip, despite the distance we have to travel, and I'm just hoping that the weather isn't too awful on the way!

Speaking of weather, we thought we would see what photographs we could get of the snowfall last Sunday night - a compact camera is not the best piece of kit for difficult shots like that. These were our attempts (any tips on taking better photos of snow would be much appreciated!):

I've been doing a bit of scrapping this evening, but its for the Papermaze blog for March so not likely to be seen for a while yet. I will however be spending some time scrapping with friends on Sunday when I take a trip down to my parents in London, so looking forward to having more to share after that...


  1. i can sympathise with you on the nightmare experiences teacher do face. I have recently given up teaching 16-19 year olds as it was causing me terrible stress dealing with poor classroom behaviour despite my best efforts at maintaining control. I hope your trip goes well tomorrow. A medical museum eh, any tips or help you'd like I've been a nurse for nearly 25 years!
    regards, jojo xxx

  2. Sadly, yet another occupation hazard hey? It's true though that most are well mannered etc, but it's the odd one who's truly vile that totally spoils the day.
    Like the snow shot with your BF, the flash makes the snowfakes shine like little lights.

  3. Hey Chloe, Hope you had a good trip today and didn't have to put up with anymore rudeness : (
    Enjoy half-term.
    lis (funkyfairy) xx

  4. I know how that feels except Im a year head and have no one to vent to lol! Just have to remeber to keep my cool and it will pass, hopefully becoming a distant memory!

  5. We had some snow on Monday. I have a similar shot like yours.

  6. Awww hun it must be horrible but try not to let it get to you too much. Great photos, hope you had fun this weekend scrapping!