Tuesday, 4 December 2007

My perfect christmas...

Here is day 4 of my christmas journal and today we had to write about our 'perfect' christmas. Now I have to admit that this one phased me a bit - I have always enjoyed christmas so much that I can't imagine bettering it! So I just came up with some of the favourite bits from my christmas day and made a little list of them on the page (apologies, the scan appears to have cut a bit off the top of the page but you get the idea!). The picture is acutally taken from the Next online catalogue, but it looks like my ideal christmas decorations so I thought I would use it!

I've got a really busy few days at work coming up but I'm hoping I will keep up with the journal - I'm not finding it a chore at the moment, I'm really enjoying it so lets hope it stays that way. I'm so amazed by some of the gorgeous artwork that is being produced at the forum - its really inspirational and I'm glad that Shimelle came up with the forum as a new way to share, I've spent a lot more time getting involved in the class because of it.


  1. Wow this layout is gorgeous ,i so love your style ,brilliant job ,Dawnx

  2. i totally love the style of this book. I am having such a great time watching it come together. it is such a great idea with how you are putting it all together

  3. Another lovely page! LOL at using the Next directory - I nearly did that myself! I agree with you about Shimelles forum, I am really enjoying the class so far.
    Trish x

  4. What a stunning page! I really love it.