Thursday, 6 December 2007

A memory of christmas past...

I can't quite believe I got this entry done today - I was seeing parents of my form members all day and didn't get home till after 7, and then I could hardly motivate myself to get in the shower, let alone scrap! However, I read what Shimelle said about people giving in around the 6th day and didn't want to be one of the guilty ones! Sure, my life is very busy right now but I've got a spare half hour to craft in every day and I'm going to make use of it. So here is my entry about good and bad christmas memories. I decided to use two envelopes to house my memories and kept the rest of the page fairly simple - its not exactly innovative but the best I could manage in my current state of mind!

The good memory card reads: My childhood christmases have left me with so many happy memories - the decorations, the advent calendars, the school nativity, the excitement of going to bed on christmas eve and waking to find santa had eaten his mince pie and sherry!

The bad memory reads: The worst memory I have of Christmas was when I was 21 and me and Ed broke up for a short time. I was a total misery for the whole holiday - my poor family didn't know what to do with me!
Hopefully tomorrow I will be a bit more relaxed when creating my journal page!


  1. And this is what you manage when you are tired and have no motivation? Well done you! It looks great!
    Trish x

  2. well i am so glad that you dug deep and did your page. I always look forward to seeing it

  3. Clo, your page is gorgeous, I absolutely love the colours you have used - the blue works so well with the brown on the little envelopes. Well done on producing such a fab page after a tough day at work.

    Carole x