Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Since I appear to in fact be blogging again, I thought I would look back through my albums and see how many pages I didn't already share on my blog. It turns out there were quite a few more than I realised. I was more productive last year than I thought! I have tried to take pictures of most of these pages this evening, though having done so in artificial light, they haven't turned out all that well so I might have to repeat the process tomorrow. Suffice to say, I definitely have a few blog posts worth of pages to share!

This page is one from Eddie's album. It shows him at about ten I presume, jumping into the pool on holiday (I really like the legs of one of his sisters sticking out of the water in the bottom photo - great shot!). The page was actually made and sent off to Future Publishing for the ill-fated third ideas book, which was all designed and put together but never published - a crying shame. It turns out I was lucky to even get this page back - it's only thanks to the hard work of Shimelle, whose professionalism should be praised to the rafters, that a lot of contributors got their layouts returned.

The swirl is off course meant to represent the sun, but also the energy of little Ed leaping into that pool - I positioned the end of the swirl to look like it was a movement line trailing from the back of him. I have just spotted that some of the ribbon has got a little out of position in my album - that will teach me not to secure my work properly - I have a tendency to rely on staples if I can!

I really like the way this page turned out - it was just like I visualised it in the end, which is always nice. It's often so difficult to get the idea in your head onto paper (due to such problems as the laws of physics and the material properties of paper).

In the meantime, my knitting is coming along nicely - I'm almost done on the right front of my cardi now. I'm off to do a few more rows now before some shuteye - hopefully I'll be back to update again in a day or two, fingers crossed!

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