Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Always look on the Bright Side

For various reasons, today could have been pretty downright crappy. And in recent months, with my glass-half-empty personality type, I would most likely have been at this moment sitting wallowing in my own self-pity on the sofa, wasting my evening. But with new leaf duly turned over, I actually feel pretty happy - because when I really think about it, quite a few good things have happened today.

First of all, this morning this little beauty arrived. A long time ago, I subbed to a US kit club called Cocoa Daisy, and really loved the kits. But due to a combination of the recession and my complete lack of interest in doing all those things which have for so long made me happy, I stopped my sub. Well, after my weekend away (and miniature epiphany), I decided to re-sub. And I'm so glad I did - this kit is gorgeous, and I can't wait to break into it.

Secondly, just when I was trying to decide what to wear this morning, I realised that my Dorothy Perkins order had turned up yesterday, and so I put on this lovely top, which is bright, cheerful, has birds on it, is green, and won me lots of compliments. Including my very nice work colleague informing me that she was going to buy it too, while also promising not to wear it to work! So all in all a very successful spend of about £14 which made me feel rather good about myself.

And when I got home, I remembered that I hadn't yet put this CD onto iTunes. It was a birthday present from my sis, and is an album I'd wanted to get hold of for ages, so I'm now happily listening away with a big smile on my face.

For those of you who have never heard this album before, I challenge you to listen to this song and then tell me you hate it!

So finally, here is another page to share, which is all newly photographed in nice natural light. My 2010 was made for a January issue of Scrapbook Inspirations that unfortunately never got published, so finally I am sharing the layout with you here - it is now over 18 months old. It is basically a little page about my hopes and dreams for the coming year, and I have to admit to loving this one. That lace paper just doesn't get old for me.

So there we go, a post that definitely looks on the bright side, and reminds me that I have lots to be very happy about. And even though I'm now going to go and spend an hour or so planning a potentially very under-appreciated year 11 revision session, the thought of it doesn't make me want to throw myself out of the window. Happy days.

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  1. ooh, i've been drooling over that cocoa daisy kit, and that top looks fabulous on you, so lots of things to be happy about I think!
    The page looks great, the lace paper is perfect for it. x

  2. awww, yay to a happpppy day! :)