Thursday, 6 March 2008

Talk Talk - you w****rs!

For anybody even remotely considering having anything to do with Talk Talk (they of the multitude of adverts on TV with people creating scenes under a birdseye view camera) - DON'T! We took up their offer of very cheap broadband over a year ago now and have lived to regret it. Firstly, we paid for it for three months but could never get properly connected. So we decided to cancel, and thought everything was ok until we got a letter about unpaid bills several months later in April last year. Again, we rang up to cancel, only to receive a letter this February (nearly a year later!) demanding £277 and threatening to pass us onto debt collectors! Needless to say, we tried to phone, and after getting cut off twice while being passed from pillar to post, we went into a Carphone Warehouse to sort it out. The manager there assured us all was well. And then, of course, today we received a letter from a debt collection agency demanding £310! I am absolutely fuming! Talk Talk claim that they had sorted it out, but the debt collectors know nothing of the sort.
Talk Talk's customer service is abysmal - don't touch this poisonous company if you value your sanity! Anyway, rant over... :)

So what have I been up to? I've been scrapping for a magazine commission, and also putting another little project together for an upcoming event. I've also been asked to do a few entries for the It's A Creative World blog as well as work for Rebecca's and Papermaze so I'm working on those too. Very very busy, but nothing to share just yet - think I may have taken on just a little too much recently, but there is nothing like pressure to get me productive.

And happily enough, the bathroom is so nearly there, I think I'll be having a shower by the weekend! Which means all the tools and other rubbish can come out of the spare bedroom. Whic in turn means I get my scrapping space back! Yay! I never thought I'd be so desperate to get that bedroom floor back :)


  1. I had problems like that with NPower, I think they are w****rs!! So I totally know how you are feeling.
    Good luck with all the stuff you have going on, I cant wait to see some eye-candy.

  2. Hope you're okay - you're quiet atm. Looking forward to seeing some new layouts :)