Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Ok, maybe its the fact that it makes your camera look like something out of 'Batteries Not Included', or maybe its the realisation that I can't keep my hand steady long enough to take a decent photo, but having read about these on the Shimelle.com class forum I've decided to order one from Amazon. As much as one day I would love to have a digital SLR with all the trimmings, I know that ain't gonna happen any time soon, so at least I can make the most out of my compact. Even if it isn't as good as everyone says it is, I know Ed will have a fabulous time fiddling with the thing - gadgets are to Ed like the holy grail of existence! So I'll patiently await my purchase and see how it works out.
No prompt as yet from Shimelle today, so I'll probably be back on later to update...


  1. OOOOH I wanted one of these but they didnt do them for my camera, when they first came out! They might do now, I may have to have a peeky on Amazon!

  2. Hmmnn.. I was thinking of getting one of these... are they specific to certain camera's then? Time for some research I think!

    jk x