Monday, 24 March 2008

A relaxing Easter Monday

Its been good to not actually have to do anything at all today. Me and Ed enjoyed a bit of a lie in this morning - his last one before he goes back to work tomorrow - and then we pottered around the house a bit. I tried to make a start at clearing up the back bedroom again, I never seem to finish that task as there just isn't anywhere to put most of the stuff in it, but at least I can see the floor well enough to drag a hoover in tomorrow!

Shimelle's first prompt arrived, a preparation one which made us think about our definitions of home. I have put my answers up on the forum for anyone else who is taking the class, but I might put them up on my blog here at some point too. So a nice easy one without any actual creating today, just journalling and capturing our thoughts. I'm a bit concerned that this class may be a bit technical for me - Shimelle told us to look out our camera manuals and even tripods (which I don't have for my very simple point and click digital camera). My camera is dead basic so I'm hoping there isn't going to be too much focus on gorgeous photography as I think I might be seriously lacking in that department! Particularly with indoor photography - the flash on my camera is so harsh I never seem to get very good shots so I always turn it off and end up with slightly blurry ones which I like to think of as 'atmospheric'! Still, believe it or not I actually have a Photography GCSE from back in the days before digital cameras, so it might actually start me thinking about apertures and depth of field again as well as composing shots, so it can't be a bad thing.

We spent the evening up at Ed's parents for a birthday tea for his sister. A nice evening, but a bit like torture for me as I picked through all the gorgeous food to find the things I could actually eat on WeightWatchers core plan. I stuck to a lot of salad, a tiny bit of tomato pasta (though it was probably a bit oily to be 'free food') and some chicken skewers, though I couldn't resist the tiniest taste of ginger trifle for pudding. I probably won't stay within my 21 points limit this week, but at least I am eating significantly less than I was and when I weighed myself on Ed's mum's scales (in clothes, after dinner I hasten to add) I was 10 stone 12 pounds which is better than the 11 stone 2 pounds I was the last time I weighed myself a few weeks ago. I would love to be 10 stone when I go away in August, so I've got quite a while to achieve that target and at least I've made a good start. Now I just need to get myself a set of scales so I can motivate myself to carry on...

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