Friday, 28 March 2008

Piccies of home..., the lurgy continues, but I don't want to bore you all with another rant about it so I've decided to share with you a few piccies I've managed from the confines of my home. For those of you taking Shimelle's class, you will know that we were supposed to be taking pictures of our local area or town. Now clearly, this was going to be a bit of a stretch for me seeing as I haven't much felt like leaving the house. So I thought I would do my best by hanging out the window and seeing what I could catch with my compact camera! So the shots are my VERY local area but I actually quite like some of them - a true ode to suburbia! I'm far too ashamed to upload these to the Flickr group as there are some awesome photographers sharing their work there but its very inspirational taking a browse through the group pool.
This photo was taken through the living room window this morning - the little white blob is the neighbour's cat, Beano, who I absolutely adore!

This one is a familiar sight in this area - reception in Coventry is so bad, everyone has these oversized beasts as aerials on their rooftops!Of course, for all the Sky obsessives, we have the obligatory satellite dishes...I do like the little wisp of steam coming out of the vent behind!

I absolutely LOVE this little blue car owned by someone in an adjacent street - its always got its little nose poking out of the garage there and I had to take a photo of it to document my area - I'm sure its got a name like Brum. Maybe I'll call it Colin...I call this shot, Rooftops to Nowhere. I'm sure there is something in that direction. But all I can see are very similar looking rooftops. The joys of the suburbs.
And because it wouldn't be my neighbourhood without them, here is one of my little fluff monsters, perched on the fence.

I'm going down to my parent's tomorrow as we have booked into an Italian restaurant in Banstead to celebrate my birthday - I'm determined I'm going to enjoy it as I've been looking forward to going for ages so the lurgy had better be gone by the morning or else!


  1. I love your pictures!!
    I haven't had the energy to do any of the assignments in the class at all, so I am quite impressed.
    Is your birthday the 29th? In any case, hope you feel loads better and have a great one!
    beth ann

  2. It's great to see some pics of the place where you live.
    xxx, Isolde