Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Dreaded Lurgy!

Ok, surely this is not fair. I work all term without getting sick and the minute I'm on holiday and can enjoy some time to myself, I get sick. I woke up this morning feeling terrible - aching all over and coughing and spluttering. After dosing myself up with painkillers and carrying a hot water bottle around for most of the day I'm starting to feel human again, but I feel like a whole day has been wasted doing nothing!

Two prompts have arrived for Shimelle's class now, neither of which I have attempted. There is a layout and a mini book to have a go at. I'm not sure about the mini book, I don't think the theme suits me exactly, but I do want to have a go at the layout. Trouble is, I want some decent photos to go with it and currently the weather is atrocious so every shot I try to get will be grey and miserable. Here's hoping for at least a little bit of sunshine tomorrow! I'm not too stressed though, the point of the class is to have the projects there for when I am ready, so I might hang on till next week.

Over on Papermaze's blog Scrap Paper Scissors there is a cool competition. Its all about using this picture, made of felt and buttons, as an inspiration point for your own project. As part of the DT over there, I will be making my own take on this, probably in the form of a layout which will be up on the blog in the next week. If you fancy having a go, get on over to the blog and look up the details.

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