Saturday, 6 December 2014

Square and Stripe

So I'm back again, only a few weeks later. Work is still tough but I think the secret to survival is about trying to maintain the right mindset. Ultimately, as much as I care about my students and being the best teacher I can be, there has to be a balance. I am first and foremost a mummy and that is always going to have to come first. If that means I can't differentiate every lesson as much as I'd like or plan exciting tasks for every class all the time, then for the moment so be it. Anyway, enough of work, because I have something to share.

I started this jumper in August and finished it a few weeks ago (not long after my previous post). The design is by the very talented Veera Valimaki - I have so many of her designs in my favourites on Ravelry, and after knitting this I can confirm that her patterns are well-written and straightforward, at least this one was!

The jumper is so comfy to wear - it is very loose-fitting which makes it easy to sling on over a vest top, and looks good styled with skinny jeans and boots. I think it is quite flattering, particularly as I'm not as slim as I once was. I knitted it in Rowan Felted Tweed DK after seeing a few examples of others knitted in this yarn. The tweed gives it a rustic feel which I like. The flash of pink brightens up an otherwise neutral colour.

I definitely want to knit another of Veera's designs soon - I have my eye on Juniper, and also like Dusk and Hip and Pop. I might treat myself to some Knitting Goddess or Easyknits yarn for one or other of these in the new year. But next on the agenda I am thinking maybe a Boxy or Snowflake Sweater...


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