Friday, 19 December 2014


So I've finally reached the end of term, and boy has it been a tough one! Ed is doing a Primary PGCE which is a whole lot of hard work, and I have been struggling through not feeling very well a lot of the time. In case you haven't guessed from the previous photographs, I am expecting my second little one. In fact I had my 20 week scan yesterday. I am absolutely thrilled about the prospect of our new little one, who was hard fought for. However, morning sickness was horrible this time around, and I also found out I have IBD which explains a lot of problems I have had for the last 8-9 years but also means I'll probably be taking various medications for it for the rest of my days. Still, it's a relief to know what it is.

All of this has led to a very stressful term though, and as I finally reached the last day of work before Christmas I couldn't have been more relieved! I work part time and finish on a Wednesday so that means a good two and a half week's break - I really need to relax, rest and enjoy the season with my family.

Of course, being the end of term I appear to have come down with a sore throat and ache all over - On Wednesday night I even tried self medicating with this tub of raspberry and chocolate ice cream. Well, Lemsip is not allowed after all!

I thought in the meantime I would share my Leaflet. This was made ages ago, but I never took any proper pictures of it. The pattern is by Cecily Glowik McDonald and I decided to knit it in Rico Essentials Soft Merino Aran in a beautiful pistachio shade.

Apologies for the creased back - it had been in the drawer! I altered the pattern slightly, adding extra 'stem' stitches to lengthen it slightly as I was worried it would be too short. However, I needn't have worried - on blocking, this yarn really grew! I was actually concerned it would be too long. Worth knowing if I ever use it again.

Boxy is continuing apace, I'm up to just under 15cm knitted now - another 25cm to go before the divide for front and back...



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