Thursday, 11 December 2014


When I first saw a photo of Ramona on my pattern highlights feed on Ravelry, I knew I would have to knit it. The design appeared in Let's Knit magazine and is by the very talented Anniken Allis (I love so many of her designs). At the time I was on maternity leave and couldn't justify the expense of the gorgeous yarn, so instead I waited for my birthday and my Mother in Law bought me the Manos Del Uruguay Silk Blend Fino as a present.

The jumper knit up soooo quickly - it had simple waist shaping, short row shaping on the back button edge and short row shaped sleeves knit in one piece. Next to no sewing up - awesome.

However, it wasn't until it was more or less finished (at least the body) that I realised the first skein of yarn was a decidedly different colour to the others! I soaked it several times and put it out in the sun in a bid to lighten it, but to no avail - there is a distinct line across it.

Despite the disappointment of this, I have worn it several times - it's really comfy and a nice fit (though I am carrying something in the way of a bump out front at the moment...). The yarn does have a tendency to felt in places of friction/heat such as under the arms though - I'm not sure I'd use it again for a garment.

It was all a great learning curve though - a bottom up sweater knit in the round with a three needle bind off on the shoulders and short row sleeves - fantastic construction that I would definitely repeat one of these days.

As for my Boxy, I now have just over 5cm knitted - only 35cm to go till I divide for the front and back... :/




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