Monday, 19 October 2009

A walkthrough of my recent scrapping history...

I've decided to give up apologising for a lack of blogging. It makes no difference to the amount of blogging I actually do and therefore only results in the posts on here getting rather repetitive! Suffice to say, I've won a promotion at work, with all the extra work that a promotion normally entails but without any extra time to actually complete it in. Cue lots of after work meetings etc meaning that all I seem to be doing at home in the evenings is catching up on marking and planning that I haven't had a chance to do during the day.

I have been scrapping a little however and here are a few of my achievements. First up, a couple of layouts I did for Scrapbook Inspirations magazine - The Circus commemorates the awesomeness of a Take That concert I went to in the Summer with my sis. I love the paper I used for this one - I think its by Scenic Route who I hear have sadly succumbed to the recession along with so many other wonderful companies. I will sincerely miss Scenic Route, they have always been one of my favourite paper manufacturers and their designs grace more than a few of my layouts. This layout is actually about work, not a common scrap topic for me I have to admit as usually I scrap in order to forget about my day to day existence. I had the idea of drawing a big apple design which I copied from the Basic Grey Recess backing paper and enclosing all my photos inside - a bit different, a bit funky, a bit striking, or at least that was the idea anyway!

Next up, some layouts I made for the Papermaze blog: Scrap, Paper, Scissors. This one is using the My Mind's Eye Ooh La La papers - such gorgeous designs if a little overwhelming. I have written a post about how to go about using such bold patterns on the Scrap, Paper, Scissors blog so if you have always found them a bit daunting, have a go!

Two 6x12 layouts now, which is a size I've fallen for a bit in recent months - with less time to scrap, it isn't half easy to complete a page when its only this size - everything you add seems to fill up the page in no time! This one is about my gorgeous fella and uses Fancy Pants Kraft papers and Jenni Bowlin giant bingo cards:

This one uses more of the My Mind's Eye papers, nicely toned in to match the glittery eyeshadow I'm wearing in the pic.

I've been away scrapping this weekend with some girlie friends so I actually have quite a few more layouts to share that just need photographing now - I may even attempt to do that this week, though I'm not putting any pressure on myself as I have meetings all week till Friday including a rather nasty presentation on Thursday to senior leadership which I'm not overly looking forward to :/So it may have to wait until half term. But hopefully that is enough to satisfy for the moment, and to my friend Rach: there you go, I finally blogged!


  1. Ah, at least your beautiful layouts make up for the lack of posts - they're always lovely to look at :)

  2. Hello Chloe, not sure if you remember me from George Elliot high school Oct 2004? I was on placement with you during PGCE year. I quit teaching and have since got married - congratulations on your engagement. I get scrapbook inspirations having just started scrapbooking and was surprised to see your new. I know a Chlow Harp I thought - can't be the same one I knew I thought - but low and behold you are. Well done on all your achievements. Just thought I'd say hi!!!!

  3. Just realised I made lots of grammatical errors - not good!! Typing too fast i'm afraid!!