Monday, 26 October 2009

Feeling a little bit lovesick...

How gorgeous was the BBC production of Emma? Trouble is, now I'm feeling all lovesick and gooey-eyed over Johnny Lee Miller - if Mr Knightley had been following me around all over the place looking like that at me I'd have put up with all manner of scolding. I'm rather sad it's over - now I have nothing to look forward to on Sunday night before another hard week of work. Will just have to wait till the end of November when my DVD boxset arrives instead.

A quick blog post tonight, just to share another layout from last weekend. I can't remember which of the Cocoa Daisy kits I had that was predominantly black and green, but I do know that I love that kit - I produced some great layouts with it. This one is about giving in to Ed's annoying habit of constantly pulling a face when I'm trying to take a photo of him. I've now decided to adopt the philosophy of 'if you can't beat them...' and just scrap the stupid photos! This one was on holiday this year when we were taking a walk by the lake in the evening.

The little chipboard bees are great - they come from a pack of Basic Grey chipboard elements. Speaking of Basic Grey, I just got hold of a pack of the new Nook and Pantry range which is very fabulous. I have plans of recording my Raspberry and Apple Candy Cake photo with it - perfect subject matter (and the cake was very tasty by the way - and so big it got shared by me, Ed, Mum and Dad!).

Tomorrow may have to involve a lot of housework and other boring stuff like marking Year 11 coursework (yawn!), but I aim to finish a layout and do some knitting as well, so hopefully I can keep up this run of blogging too.
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  1. ah yes the demise of emma.....i cried it was so romantic. at last a truly g8 adaptation. loving the scrapping and the fasce pulling.
    jo xx

  2. I'm with you as far as JLM goes :-)

    Hi there, just dropped by from Shimelle's - see you in class!

  3. Mr JLM is totally gorgeous, I loved him in Trainspotting.....oooh I feel my crush starting again!!!
    Fab layout, love the colours and nice to see you back in the blogging world!

  4. Not a huge fan of JLM but I really used to like the fella that played Mr Elton when he was in Red Cap -way back when.

    I must say a huge thank you. I didn't even know Emma was showing so after I saw your post, I watched them all on BBC iPlayer and loved it! :)