Saturday, 24 October 2009

End of an Era

So the official announcement was made yesterday that Scrapbook Inspirations is to cease publication, bringing to an end the run of a magazine which really introduced 'proper' scrapbooking to me (before I had been relying on Dawn Bibby and co on QVC and a couple of pages in a DoCrafts magazine to give me inspiration!).

I had subscribed since my first discovery, and always looked forward to it arriving on the door mat - those were always the good days, when I would sit after work with a cup of tea and browse through. I loved the stories, the layouts, the style of the publication. So when the Best of British Scrapbooking competition was announced in 2007, the leader of the crop I attended at the time (which I discovered through Scrapbook Inspirations) told me to enter the New Talent category, and astoundingly I won! This led to a relationship with the magazine which involved regular contributions and commissions, and more recently the opportunity to spend a couple of months as part of the extended Design Team. This magazine fuelled a hobby which led to friendship, beautiful albums full of memories and helped me to develop my skills as a scrapbooker immeasurably. I'm just not a fan of browsing online all the time (it gives me a headache!) so to me this mag will be irreplaceable - I have never regularly bought Scrapbook Magazine which I found too basic, or more recently Scrapbook Trends which is far too American in style for me.

What is most sad however is that some very talented ladies who have helped to put together such a fantastic magazine will now be looking to move onto pastures new, breaking up a fantastic team. I hope they all move onto bigger and better things, and know how sorely they and their publication will be missed and how much fun and enjoyment they have brought to me and many others. I fear that this will see a real decline in British scrapbooking, as there are so many people who do not take part in online activities and would not necessarily have found out about scrapbooking without this magazine. Let's hope that this is not the case.

In happier news, I do have some layouts to share from last weekend. This snap is of my sister by Lake Garda on the first evening of our holiday earlier this year. It was such a serene shot, and we all felt so instantly calmed by our surroundings, that I decided to record how desperately we were all in need of the relaxation.

Secondly, we have my boy Bertie in this gorgeous shot of him that I took earlier in the Summer, sitting on the garden table and looking for all the world like he owned the place. Hence the title! Unfortunately, all my three cats get mercilessly bullied by the ginger Tom next door, so Bert is kidding himself if he thinks he rules anything around here! All the papers and some of the embellies for these layouts came from past Cocoa Daisy kits which I was trying to use up.

In other news, I am very happy that I am now on half term holidays - I was at breaking point earlier in the week and this will give me the opportunity to collect my thoughts and take a breather. I am also really looking forward to the concluding part of Emma on the BBC tomorrow - I think I can safely say that I am now 100% in love with Johnny Lee Miller as Mr Knightley and I think the actress playing Emma, Romola Garai, is perfect and very loveable as a character who Austen herself thought was very difficult to love. I have been re-reading my copy, which I hadn't picked up since secondary school - I always love it when an adaptation encourages me to get reading again. This has been the best adaptation I have seen of this novel - I'm not a Gwyneth Paltrow fan and I didn't like the Kate Beckinsale version. Catch it on iPlayer if you haven't already seen it - it will be several hours pure bliss, I promise!
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  1. I support you whole heartedly with regards to SI as I love the magazine/ Also loving your LOs as always. Enjoy Emma, I love this adaptation, a cos it tells the whole story and in a refreshing way. Enjoy the last episode,
    Jo xxx