Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I'm not usually one to get wildly stressed out by things, but I have to admit that this week I've been letting my new job get on top of me. It just feels like there is a neverending amount of things to do and I could work non-stop and still never get it all done. I was already to jack it in today and go back to my simple life of teaching. But fortunately, I have sensible friends and family in my life who help to put things in perspective for me. So I'm taking a break this evening. Not because I don't have things to do (I have plenty) but because I need this right now and my sanity is just as important as those sixth form essays!So I thought I'd take the opportunity to share some of the weekends layouts with you - we are limited to four pics a post when using Picasa to blog (I don't know why this is - please tell me if I can change this!) so I will upload in batches.

Today we have a layout about Osbourne House on the Isle of Wight which I visited in June. I took a series of photos of the architecture which reminded me so much of Italy, particularly as the weather was so nice there was a beautiful blue sky backdrop in most of them!

When I went away with my friends last weekend I decided to make a dent in some of the Cocoa Daisy kits I had purchased almost a year ago now but never got round to using. ~There are some really lovely papers in them which I would never have thought to buy myself but its always good to challenge yourself and sometimes you find papers and ranges you really like this way. The best thing about this page is the gorgeous butterfly lace paper though, and I would definitely have bought that!

My second page of the weekend was this one, the photo was one I took when me and Ed were both a little worse for wear after a night out a few months back, but I made the page more for the message. Ed has been suffering with his diabetes lately and I wanted to remind him that I'll always be there for him no matter how bad it gets. Hypos can be scary things and they are definitely not something you want to suffer in silence, which is something he does too often. The title was built into the paper, I just outlined it with a journalling pen, added a rub-on and some stickers and really not too much else. I made the scalloped circle by drawing round a dinner plate and a salt mill from the youth hostel kitchen! Well, need's must.

I will aim to share the rest of my layouts from the weekend in the next couple of days - I've also got some DT and magazine work that hasn't appeared here yet so I'll get on to photographing that as well. I've signed up for Shimelle's class to help you get blogging. I know I won't be able to do much blogging in November when the class is running but at least I'll have plenty of ideas for when I do get some time to blog again, and may even learn how to tart up my blog a little bit too! Check out Shimelle's blog for info - her classes are always worth a try.
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  1. fantastic layouts my dear!! really wonderful! And no I have no idea re picassa and uploading photos! x

  2. Is that journaling on stitching in the first layout? Cute idea! Lovely layout.

    I'm taking Shimelle's blogging class with you.