Sunday, 27 January 2013

The Knitter 54 Review

So before I stitch up my blanket buddy over the weekend and share him on here as soon as possible, I thought I would write a review of the latest issue of The Knitter. I'm a digital subscriber so I buy it every month, and generally I love this magazine. I have a lot of past patterns in my Ravelry queue waiting to be knitted up, and I'm always adding more though I'm sure I'll never get to knit them all!
So first up, one thing I love about this issue. As always, The Knitter provides more than just patterns, and there was an interesting interview in this issue with the historian Sandy Black looking at the amazing archives of the V&A museum, which much to my shame I have never visited though I have always intended to go. As a history teacher I obviously find this fascinating and just wish they had gone into a bit more depth about some of the items, such as the stranded knitting fragment from 12th century Egypt. It makes you realise just how long established this craft really is.
The Masterclass this issue is on Modular Knitting to accompany a pattern called Barnacle by Layla Chelache. This is something I have never tried, but while it looks clever, the pattern doesn't really appeal to me and I can't see me knitting it. Other items that I am not personally keen on are the Navajo tunic by Brandon Mably - I am not a fan of this type of bold colour work and would never wear it. And although I like the general style of Carol Feller's Carlow hoody, there is something about it that just doesn't sit right - I'm not sure if its the colour combination or the graphic detailing on the front - I would be more inclined to knit the hoody without this.
Now onto the positives. I absolutely love the Bergere de France Alaska sweater and could see me casting this on at some point once I've attacked a few other things in my queue. I'm quite a fan of layering and the short sleeves would look good over a long sleeved T-shirt.
Kyoko Nakayoshi always produces interesting designs and the vintage style shawl collared cardigan is very sweet, though I might alter some of the colours myself to something slightly more muted.
Martin Storey delivers as always with Tipsy, a man's cardigan. Ed doesn't really wear cardigans so I can't see this getting made, but I think it would look great on any man who does.
One of my favourite designs is Conifer by Rosee Woodland - I love the effect of reverse fair isle and the optional wristwarmers are genius too. I am not really confident enough at fair isle to attempt this at the moment, but if you are it's well worth a look.
There are various other patterns in the magazine including some for children which is always handy, a bag by Barb Brown and a lovely shawl by Anniken Allis. Overall, it's a fairly strong issue, though there are probably only two items I might add to my queue at this point. In the preview for next issue though I have already spotted some gorgeous items that are right up my street design wise, so I'm looking forward to that!

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