Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Godfather

It's been an age since I had a chance to scrap, but I don't think I ever shared this page that I made before the little one was born.

Back in February, my hubby became a godfather to his friend's little girl. Although neither of us is religious, I think he was secretly quite proud to be asked and I managed to snap this photo of him after the service (whilst suffering from horrible morning sickness and desperately trying to get through the christening without having to run out the bathroom!).

This was made with a Cocoa Daisy kit but I can't remember which one now. All of my stash has been stored away for the moment as my old craft room has become little Jake's bedroom, so I can't check at the moment. I love the little gem sprinkles, they give some lovely texture to your pages.

I'm desperate to make a few pages again, I have some lovely photos to scrap with stories that need to be told but it's so difficult when you have a small house and very littke time. Hopefully I can fish a few supplies out and have a go again soon.

In other news, little man has just started on solids, so we are having an exciting time steaming and blending veg for him to try - in fact, he is eating better than we are at the moment! We have tried carrot, potato, swede, parsnip, sweet potato, pear, banana and mango. So far carrot is definitely the biggest hit. It's so funny watching the little grimace on his face everytime he tries something new, but he soon gets his head around the new flavour and is really enjoying it. If anyone has any good ideas for flavour combinations for a 6 month old, please let me know!


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