Thursday, 10 January 2013

Simply Crochet

When I saw a post on Ravelry about a forthcoming UK based crochet magazine, I was quick to join the Simply Crochet group to find out more about the dedicated publication for this definitely under represented yarn craft. Although primarily a knitter I am always keen to learn new techniques and in recent years have taught myself some basic crochet, but it's often difficult to find interesting patterns that go beyond the traditional granny square. The magazine is produced by Future, who bring us Simply Knitting, The Knitter, Papercraft Inspirations and the long-lamented Scrapbook Inspirations, so I had high hopes for this new offering.
Today the magazine was released on Apple Newsstand, so I purchased a digital copy to have a browse with my cup of tea this afternoon.
The format very much follows its sister title, Simply Knitting, with various shops, yarns and books highlighted in the first section of the magazine. I quite like this section, as it draws my attention to some independent sellers and designers that I am often not aware of, and even if I couldn't afford to purchase some of the products showcased, it at least provides some inspiration.
So what about the patterns? My favourites include a crochet collar decorated with buttons which usefully includes suggestions for how to wear it, alongside a corsage which I could envisage me making out of some leftover Sublime yarn. I also liked the chunky cowl, which I'm sure would work up really quickly, the cute little Amigurumi dragon toy, the granny square beanie and the triangle motif 'Lecchi' blanket which appears on the front cover.
The patterns I was not so keen on were the bedroom items apart from the cushion covers and blanket - some of these were a little too 'twee' for me. I just cant imagine ever wanting to own a granny square covered lampshade, but maybe that's just me. Also the headphone cover is pretty pointless unless you know a music loving tweenie I suppose.
I also unfortunately wasn't keen on either of the full garments in the magazine. The adult cardigan looked a little bedjackety for me, and the little girl's cardigan a bit boxy. I think it's really hard to design truly wearable crocheted garments, though one designer who manages it admirably is Marie Wallin, and I hope the magazine will feature some of her Rowan designs in the future in the same way as Simply Knitting does.
All in all, I was impressed with this first issue and will definitely buy it again to see how it progresses. I hope they do improve the garment offerings and keep the designs contemporary and fashionable, as I think crocheted items can be really stunning to wear if the design is right - I still own (and, until the onset of breast feeding and massive boobs, wore!) a crocheted waistcoat which my mum bought in the seventies, which proves the longevity of a classic design.
All the images above come from a sneak peek available on the Simply Crochet website, so if you think this magazine might be for you, go and take a look.
In other crochet news, I have just finished a granny stripe blanket for the little man that I am very pleased with - I will endeavour to photograph and blog it over the weekend so watch this space!


  1. Thanks for the review; I have to wait until it appears in shops here in the US before I can take a look. I love the little dragon especially.

    I've been quite pleased with the November and December issues of Inside Crochet. It's got lovely garments in it - I have the same problem with crochet garments that you do. The new publisher has really taken IC to better heights than before.

    Also, there's a really lovely top in Rowan 53 by Marie Wallin called Tutti Frutti. I think the mag hits the shops in a few days, if you don't already subscribe.

    1. Sorry, post below supposed to be a reply to you!

  2. I will have to take a look at the Rowan magazine - I've seen a few lovely patterns online from it, but Rowan seem to be doing a lot of cropped styles at the moment which I am not keen on - maybe they can be adapted?