Monday, 20 February 2012

Down by the river

The cold from hell continues unabated this week, despite being back at work. I'm not normally one to suffer from colds - when you're a teacher, you develop a super-strength immune system that will not succumb to the usual rounds of sniffles - but being pregnant seems to have broken down my defences and now I'm struggling to break the back of this evil cold. So I'm off to bed in a minute, but before that I thought I'd share these. I think these were for Papermaze, but they never made it to my blog, and I'm trying to document everything I've done here now.

Last Easter, we went down to visit my folks in good old Sutton and went to see my brother who is currently living in the very nice Kingston-upon-Thames (home to various nightclubs I frequented a long time ago). I took a few photos as we were walking along the river side in the blazing sunshine - I seem to remember that Summer happened in April last year and this was pretty much the only opportunity I had to wear my shorts! The first layout is of me and Ed - Ed pulling his obligatory stupid face for the camera - I have loads of photos like this.



The second layout is of the river itself - if you have never visited the river at Kingston, you should definitely go for a walk there - you'll find some lovely pubs between there and Richmond, or if you have your sea-legs on, you can get on a river boat and see it from the water.

I can't remember what these papers are now, they may be Jillibean soup?

I have a few more old layouts to share, and I've also been busy scrapping in the last few days too - I have five new layouts from my half term which I will photograph and share in due course. I've been getting messy with mists and inks which is always good fun!

Anyway, I'm off to smear myself in Vick's vaporub and watch Whitechapel before bed. Fingers crossed this cold might have slunk off to bother someone else by tomorrow...

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