Sunday, 19 February 2012

A bit of modelling

One thing I've been doing plenty of since last May is knitting. Can't wait to start knitting things for the baby, though they will all have to be white before it is born as we are having a surprise! Anyway, I thought I would share two of my proudest achievements, both of which are patterns from Rowan Magazine Issue 49 (which is one of my favourite collections of knitting patterns ever).
The first is the Lazy Tunic. This was made using a combination of Rowan Purelife Revive which is a recycled yarn. This had many frustrating moments as I went wrong in the lace pattern and had to get my mum to rescue it at least once. But I'm really proud of the finished piece.

The other is called Soothe. It's made from Rowan Lenpur Linen and was a much easier knit, even though my tension was a bit off! It's amazing what a bit of blocking will do for a garment.

I have loads more yarn stashed under my bed for future projects which I'll probably never get round to knitting. I have a terrible craft shopping habit, be it yarn or paper products, which I'm really going to have to break before the baby is born or there won't be any room for it! I spent yesterday 'de-stashing' - trying to clear some space in the spare bedroom so the baby will fit in...

 I've got quite a few more layouts to share too. I thought I would share a couple of snowy layouts, recording snow from a couple of years ago (which I made well over a year ago!), in tribute to the light dusting we had this morning! Apologies for slightly poor photos - couldn't get any decent light when I took them last night!

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