Thursday, 22 January 2009

Life got in the way...

...but its been for a good reason. The scrap room is well under way and we just have to lay the floor and put up a worktop for the computer and then I will be able to move back in again! Suffice to say the house has been a little chaotic - the computer has been moved downstairs to the dining table and the internet only works sporadically - but there is an end in sight and I feel really proud of Ed for getting it done. Maybe this means that I will have a burst of creative energy! I have been scrapping whilst the decorating has been going on, but I've had to stick to a corner of my bedroom floor, next to a ladder and a pile of tools, so its not exactly conducive to my best work. But DT commitments mean I can't give up entirely for a month, and I wouldn't want to.

In the meantime, here are the remaining pages of my Christmas Journal (which now seems like a distant memory), and tomorrow I'll share another page I did for my DT. I've created four more which will be up on the shop site next week, so I'll share them here too. Lets hope I can get at least a few posts done at the end of this month!

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