Wednesday, 10 December 2008

More journal pages...

I've not stopped journalling, don't worry! I just haven't had a chance to blog my pages yet. I'm not quite caught up - I have two pages to do this evening - but here are four more pages of my journal for your perusal. I'm really enjoying these, they are really quick to make and so bright and funky.

The fifth page in my journal shows my advent calendar this year - Cadbury's Dairy Milk, bought on a two for one offer in Sainsbury's so both me and Ed got one.

Next up we have my Christmas Memories page - probably my least favourite so far - I like the muted colours but didn't really have any appropriately coloured embellishments for the page. The green stickers aren't quite that bright in real life!

Next we have my To Do list page - still way too much on this one unfortunately, Christmas has snuck up on us a bit this year, so I'm hopelessly disorganised :(

Finally there is my sights of Christmas page - the only sight of Christmas around our house so far are the mince pies which we keep buying on a two for one offer from Somerfield! So I snapped a box for my page for the day...

So not quite caught up, but not too far behind either. Things are about to get even busier over the next few days though so not sure whether I'm ever going to be totally up to date with this project...


  1. Great pages, love your snowmen on day 8.

  2. I love them Chloe, cannot wait to see the rest. I am seriously going to do this next year, I will make the time!

  3. hi Chloe, love your journal pages. I was determined to do a Christmas album this year but it was fingernails stuff - last minute purchase of embellishments (but fab ones from poundland!) and not much structure to the whole thing. I'll probably blog it at some point, since at the moment I'm into fessing up to my mistakes! Happy New Year, from helen x