Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Life continues to be busy, and dark, and cold...but I did have a fab weekend with my sis and her boyfriend Ross, and then on Monday I actually got around to doing some scrapping! Yes, can you believe it? I attempted another 6x12, a size I'm coming to like though it takes a while to get used to it at the start. The photo was taken in May this year on the Southbank and is of me and my mum. We had such a great day, and on my layout I just wanted to record the fact that sometimes its the little things that give you the most happiness. Its made mainly using scraps from the August Cocoa Daisy kit, of which I still have plenty left believe it or not!

In other news, I decided I'm going to try and keep another Christmas journal this year. It will have to be a lot simpler than last year as I just don't have the time to dedicate to it. But I'm kind of missing the excitement that it created last year - it definitley helped to get me into the christmas spirit! I have ordered most of my presents online this year - just my mum's and part of my sister's to get, and then I just have to wait for Ed to finally decide what he wants...


  1. Loving the new size, I have wanted to try 6x12 for ages but have not taken the plunge. Maybe it is time as it looks fabby! Love the colour combo, so pretty.
    I did all my shopping by foot this year, I did it all online once and felt cheated!! I think it may help next year when Emily will get a ton of stuff and of course taking a nearly 1 and a half year old will prove painful I am sure!!!

  2. Love the 6x12. I've only managed one of those - I couldn't quite get my head around the size for some reason.

    I'm playing along with the Ali Edward's December Daily this year. It's much less prescriptive than JYC (not that that was a bad thing, I love doing that class last year), but with time constraints its much easier to just be making a note of the days events.