Friday, 27 June 2008

What a day...

...for a daydream. The title of the last layout I completed. The papers are SR Ashville and the masks are Heidi Swapp butterflies.

Its been sitting on my desk for a few days now waiting to be shared, though to be honest I'm not completely happy with it. I feel like its missing something, but after a while I think you have to give up agonising over a layout and just move onto the next one.

Unfortunately, thats something I've been struggling with at the moment. I haven't really been creating for a few weeks now. This does sometimes happen to me, but not usually for this long. I'm guessing its probably pretty healthy as it gives me a break and lets me come up with some new ideas. And I am really busy with the last few weeks of work before the Summer, so in three weeks when I've broken up I will have a lot more time and energy to devote. So anyway, I guess what I was trying to say is that don't worry, nothing has happened to me, I've just not had much to share at the moment!

I may sign up to Shimelle's next class which I believe is going up over on her blog tomorrow though, as it may be the kickstart I need to be creative this Summer. Check it out in the morning. Now, I'm off to maybe even think about crafting...


  1. I think the layout looks great :o) Love the butterfly mask xxx Hope your mojo returns soon

  2. Glad to hear that you're okay :D

    Love how you've used the butterfly mask - I have one somewhere and must dig it out!


  3. wow I love this lo! great colour!