Thursday, 7 February 2013

Work in Progress

Well it's been a while since I've blogged, and that is mainly because I've both been a little more busy than usual and I haven't had any finished objects to share. I've been organising my return to work (which fortunately isn't until June so I have a while to go yet), seeing friends and even visiting the theatre - fancy! Seriously though, me and some friends went to see Birdsong at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry, and if you get the chance to see this you should definitely go. I have never really got on with the book and became bored quickly by the recent BBC adaptation with Eddie Redmayne, but I ended up sobbing though half of the stage production, it was really well done. Don't you just love stage sets? Just enough there to set the scene but still plenty for the imagination to do, to make the story your own.

So what is on my needles at the moment?
Firstly, we have my Hudson hoodie.
I started this so long ago, and then got bored because I was knitting what should have been an Aran weight garment in what was closer to a dk weight yarn - it still worked out because basically the whole pattern is done by lengths, but the knitting seemed to go on forever.
I have made a real push to get it finished in the last week and it is starting to look like a hoodie now. Just trying not to lose the will to live while knitting interminable amounts of moss stitch for the hood!
When not knitting my hoodie, I've been trying to add a few rows to my Anniken Allis Lazuli shawl - this is going to be a long term project I can tell, but the yarn is beautiful and I will get it done one day. I've made a small error in one of the pine cone motifs when I dropped a stitch, but I'm hoping it won't notice too much...

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