Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Simply Crochet Issue 2 Review

Last week the second issue of Simply Crochet became available to purchase on Apple Newsstand and I duly downloaded it, taking advantage of a subscription offer that gave you the first issue free which was very welcome!
So how is this fledgling magazine getting on now we have got past the excitement of the introductory issue? I have decided to continue buying it for a while to see how it establishes itself, though there are a few things that I hope will change in the coming issues.
First up, some of the things I liked. There is another lovely blanket, this time by Nicki Trench, which looks very attractive in the beautifully styled photographs. However, there are so many crocheted blanket patterns online, not least the ones on offer at Attic24 that I really wouldn't buy a magazine on the strength of this type of pattern.
One item that really appealed was a crocheted poncho by Joanne Scrace, which worked up in a lovely teal yarn in the photos looks very pretty. However, I wouldn't rush to start making it - so is there anything else that jumps out at me?
Again, the home items are far too twee and cutesy for my tastes - as I've said before, I'm all for a cute cushion or blanket, but jam jar covers and shelf edgings are not for me. I am highly unlikely to hook a lampshade of any kind either.
The Toft Alpaca bunny was incredibly sweet and I could see me making this for a new baby, along with the little baby bootees - they certainly look like a quick project too.
I also like the continued ideas for customising shop bought clothes with crochet elements, this time a pocket - a very quick idea and shown sewn up on affordable clothes for a mum on maternity leave - thank you New Look!
There were several interesting articles such as that on Freeform Crochet which pointed to what look like some really inspiring blogs on the subject.
But perhaps the stand out item for me in the whole magazine is the stunning crochet handbag by Erika Knight, worked up in superchunky yarn using a range of motifs stitched together and lined with a contrasting fabric. I have already priced up the yarn for this (and realised it is out of my current price range and I will have to substitute!). I know I have a hundred other projects to finish (and start!) but this will definitely get made one day.
Overall, the standard of the magazine wasn't quite up to the last issue - I really hope they include a few larger projects, particularly garments, in future issues, and not so much of the cutesy homeware items. Some projects from the Rowan crochet collections would be lovely. But this is of course personal preference as some people really go for that homemade style - I just prefer a more classic/contemporary look in my home.

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